Martin luther king 's speech

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What did you think about MLK’S Speech ?

Martin luther King delivered his speech in 1963 at Washington D.C, in front of the Lincoln memorial, to a crowd of thousands of people. In this speech hedefends the civil rights of black people in America who were discriminated against at that time. It’s one of the most famous and beautiful speech in the world. I think that it’s a wonderful fightagainst racism and discrimination.
First and foremost when I heard the speech, I noted that it was a really good piece of writing work. Indeed, what attracted me is the numerous metaphoras he uses inhis speech. Through these metaphoras, Martin Luther King wished he would make his speech less concrete, less boring and so more understanding. More he uses metaphoras, more the speech becomesexpressive, powerful, moving. I think that it’s very important to create images through metaphoras in a speech because it enables to create emotions and thus to convince a whole crowd. Moreover, listening thisspeech I noticed that it sounds like a gospel song. Martin Luther King uses repetitions which gives rythm to the speech as in the famous part ‘I have a dream’, and refers to traditionals black songs( «Free at last» «My country ‘Tis of Thee»). For us, occidentals listeners, it’s the print of the African world and culture, for the crowd, it’s the expression of their own culture, which expressedin this way in a speech, shows them its importance and its pecularity. On my mind, repetitions and these references show that Martin Luther King was really charismatic. It’s not surprising becauseMartin luther King was a preacher, he refers to religion as when he speaks about Moses or Amos. This use of religion makes us feel the universal character of the speech comparing the situation in Americato the great religious events of humanity.
So, the metaphoras, the repetitions, the reference to gospel, religion which give to the speech some strength, the rythm, the poetry of the words,...