Martin lutherking biographie (english)

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Martin Luther King biography Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, GA. on January the 15th . His grandfather and his father were pastors of the Ebenezer Baptist Church. He grew up in a middle-classfamily. He lived in a society governed by segregation and racism. In the fifties he joined the N.A.A.C.P. (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), an association founded in 1909.He succeeded in his studies : Graduated in literature in 1948, in Theology in 1951.(*), his studies ended when he received his Doctor of Philosophy in 1955 and became pastor in his father's churchand married Coretta Scott on the same year whom he had 4 children. On December, 1st 1955, Rosa Parks, a black woman was arrested for breaking segregationist « Jim Crow » laws as she refused to give upher seat to a white man in a bus. Then, he led the Montgomery Buses boycott which lasted 385 days. It was the first nonviolent demonstration of contemporary times in the U.S.A.. During the campaign,King was arrested, his home was bombed; he was subjected to personal abuse. The boycott ended when the United States District Court declared unconstitutional the segregationist laws in public places.Thanks to this event, he became a Negro leader of the first rank. In 1957, he was elected president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an organization formed to provide new leadership forthe civil rights movement. He wrote books including « Stride toward freedom » in 1958. During a dedication of one of his books, he was stabbed by a black woman. King survived and went in India duringhis recovery. Meanwhile, people began to feel more and more concerned in the U.S.A. After lots of marches organized by Martin Luther King, most of human rights were voted as laws in the Civil RightsAct (1964) and in the Voting Rights Act (1965). From 1960 sit-ins were organized in the whole country. During them protesters sat in places which were usually reserved for white people. Martin Luther...