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Main city: Fort - de -France
Surface: 1 080 km2 (length 75 km; width 35 km)
Statute: overseas department since March 19, 1946.
Population: 381 427 inhabitants
Official language:French
Total Gross domestic product. : 5 496 € million
Exports: 39 million € in 2002
Imports: 275 million € in 2002 from where a deficit of 236 million €
Principal suppliers : France, EU, SouthAmerica
Density of population 383hab/km²
Demographic growth 14 births out of 1000 inhabitants
Rate of unemployment: 23 % in 2004.
Rate of elimination of illiteracy: 97, 7%.
● The economy ofMartinique is based mainly on agriculture (canes with sugar, banana, pineapple), it tourism and agro alimentary industry. Until the middle of the 20° century, Martinique grows rich thanks to the production ofthe cane sugar but it loses importance with the production of beet sugar. Tourism with 11 000 employment became more important than agriculture. The tertiary sector in General contributes to 83% ofthe PIB and industry with 11%. Martinique is the richest D.O.M. The rate of unemployment of this small island of the Caraibe is 27, 2% of the working population, approximately 50 000 people. The islandlives mainly thanks to the French state assistance and European Union.
● Disadvantages: The density of population and the topography of the island, limit theextension of agriculture.
The basement of Martinique is low in ores, natural gas or oil. Fortunately this island has fertile grounds.
● Assets: Martinique presents a strong demographic growth, sothe population is young, in good health and educated It is the second richest island of the Lesser Antilles after Barbados, it has the fifth larger port and the 3rd airport of France.
●Agriculture: is an fundamental element but authorities launched several attempts of diversification.
- Banana: have the first place among the fruits. More than 120 countries are concerned, especially...