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Main point of this research:
Purpose: Understand why the emerging of low-calories foods doesn’t lead to the obesity’s decreasing. Suggest innovative strategies for consumers, marketers, policymakers searching to fight obesity.

Obesity: People burn less calories than they used to because of lifestyle changing. In parallel, Decline of the proportion of sedentary people.
REASONS:Underestimation of the number of calories, due to psychological factors.
Increase in portion size
Higher availability of ready-made foods (fast foods everywhere which content calorie-rich food is cheaperthan healthy food
Psychological dimension: Healthy people: Biased nutrition inferences.
Calorie estimation influenced by the activation of specific consumption goals, by feeling of guilty or byself-presentation motives. Due to a sensory experience.

Inferential mechanisms: if the customer miss information, he will estimate the missing product accordingly information from brands in the samecategory. Don’t take into account the positioning of restaurant brand or other food items on the restaurant’s menu

Self-regulatory mechanisms: Food consumption decision according to Hedonic goalsor health prime.
Health primes influence guilt and self- presentation goals. Contrast effect for calorie estimation.
Fear of attracting a negative evaluation is correlated with the tendency tounderreport calories.

Hypotheses: Customer generalize health claims inappropriately: low cholesterol-low fat
Experience of the fake pipeline – Calorie estimation is not influenced by the body massrather than inferential mechanisms.
Complementary food decision: Balance between health and taste goals in a single consumption episode.

Q2: light oven chips may help consumers to control theirweight or lead to obesity?
Theoretically, it should conduct people to intake less calories and thus conduct to fight obesity
Can also, help to control their weight -> S ils font l effort de s...