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A w hile ago I remember seeing (sorry can’t remember w here) w ith grass and vines creep in from the the idea and thought it would be for it. this w ordpress theme this type of header, the black darkness. I liked nice to make a tutorial



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Of course this tutorial w ouldn’t be so simple w ith out the use of pre-made photoshop brushes i dow nloaded, so here they are Sun Burst brush -by JavierZhX you can try other floral brushes if you w ish but i liked these tw o the best. Suddenly Spring set 1 Suddenly Spring set 2 i also used the Grass brush that comes by default w ithphotoshop cs3, but if you don’t have CS3 you can use this Photoshop Grass Brush set

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1 p tS e
ok lets start w ith creating a new document. mine is 769×235. i suggest you chose something suitable if your going to use it as your blog header.

2 p tS e

W ith the gradient tool draw a linear gradient dow n using these tw o colours: #ff6c00 to

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3 p tS e
Create a new layer. Draw an oval shape using the ellipse tool then go to Select>mofifie>Feather enter 20px for the radius. finally fill the selection w ith w hite. We w ant to create different shades of orange so w ill repeat this technique a few times.4 p tS e
new layer. this time draw a bigger oval shape and using 40px for feathering.

5 p tS e
again create a new layer and draw a bigger oval shape then the one in step 4 and feather at 80px. then change the layer mode to overlay and opacity to 60%.

6 p tS e
Now you should have the Sunburst brush i mentioned before. if not, go dow nload them and select“Pincel muestreado 49″ and place it at the bottom just so w e get the ray coming out from the centre. once you have it placed set mode to Softlight.

7 p tS e
Time to use our Brushes first w ill use the Grass brush. make sure your foreground and background is set to the colour black then paint some grass randomly at the bottom.

8 p tS e
Now change your brush to a Big softbrush and apply at the bottom

9 p tS e
Time to add those cool floral brushes, i mostly used brushes from the Suddenly Spring 1, but its up to is w hat i came up w ith.

0 p tS 1e
finally add your blog name and your done ! preferably try using a very thin font, i used the font named “Steiner”.

Here w as my 2nd try w hich i likebetter, in the example you can see how its nicely fits in w ith a black layout. Click on the image to enlarge.


retw eet

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