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Amazing Grace (2007) by Michael Apted tells the story of a courageous force lead by one determined man who paved the road for this history-making achievement. Determination, dedication and devotionare the general themes that create this, based-on-a-true-story, motion picture about how England’s Parliament was faced with the first anti-slave bill that ended hundreds of years of slavery
AmazingGrace is set in the 1800’s and the main character in this movie is a man named William Wilberforce. Wilberforce is a human rights activist who is also part of the British Parliament. He battled throughobstacles and disorder for two decades with hopes of ending the slave trade in Great Britain. In several difficult predicaments, William is motivated and optimistic in his long battle to eliminateslavery by the slave shipmaster, John Newton, who wrote the legendary song "Amazing Grace" after his switch to Christianity.
Politics is the one theme that is present throughout the entire movie, andas it unfolds we see the frustration and the exhaustion that Wilberforce has to deal with when he is unable to change anything in the government but with perseverance he is able to make that change.One value that is obvious and easy to relate to from Amazing Grace is determination. With that, as we see in this movie, anything is possible. This is the type of value that we can relate to in orderto get through day-to-day issues that are present in everyday life. In this movie we see that perseverance goes a long way. In a way, this movie can be taken as encouragement to stand up for what webelieve in and to not let any obstacles come between you and your goal. This is also a main issue that is present throughout the entire one hundred and eleven minutes of Michael Apted’s production.Though mentioned above are important issues as well as critical aspects to this movie, we cannot deny what the entire movie is based on. Slavery and the slave trade in the British Empire. The issue...