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  • Publié le : 17 octobre 2010
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Dear mom, Dear dad

Hi, I hope that you are happy like me! How are you? Me, I fancy to see you, it’s true that you miss me enormously when I am not with all my friend.As a matter of fact, for me at Langford I feel me such as at home, all my friend are like my brothers for me , yes mom incidentally if they havent’t clean dress , Ilent them mine it makes me really happy . Moreover I work doggedly sometimes I do their homework for help me to learn faster and and this makes them less tired
So atLangford the studies are very well but at noon the food is not the same as my little mam that I love. Oh mom, if you see me I became very very muscle, it’s right that it isdifficult to wear the binders of my comrades but I’m happy it makes me stronger! And I must became like Bryan that we call “ the tiger “ and Carl “ the bear” , they arevery strong ! Me they call me “ pigeon” , I have not understand why but I love this nickname ! Oh mom if you see them, they are to nice and so funny . In award all goes verywell even the teachers are very good.
Moreover the director like me greatly, because I’am the one to participate of activities outside school : It’s great !! They areseveral activities such as clean the yard, remove the shewgum paste under the table and wash the sewer !
I told you mom , I am verry happy I could not dream better thatthis all is pink ! same the glove that I use for clean the toilets !
Mam I miss you very strong !

PS: Take your time for coming recover me ! here I am so happy!Your child! Come fast