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English Modal Verbs

My Lesson

9 modaux

Capacité I can swim. Tom can help you


Can I help you ? Whocan answer the next question?


You cannot drive without any license.

Capacité dans le passé When I was young, I could run very fast. At 20, I could borrow my father’s car.When I was a child, I couldn’t go out at night. Could you open the window, please ? That could be dangerous.

Permission dans le passé

Interdiction dans le passé Permission / Demande polieProbabilité atténuée

Permission (plus formel que can) May I come in ?

Interdiction (plus formel que can)

You may not smoke in this room.

Probabilité moyenne

It may rain tonight. MIGHT
Permission (au style indirect) She said we might come.

Probabilité faible

We might win the lottery.

Suggestion Reproche

You might call Pete this afternoon. You might ask for her. MUST
Obligation You must do your homework now. She must have told him this story. She must read this book. I’m sure she’ll like it.

Probabilité forte


Suggestion Shall we goto the cinema?

Engagement Promesse

You shall go, whether you like it or not. I shall come.

Conseil You should go to the cinema. You should have come with me. They took the highway,they should be here.

Reproche / Regret


Futur Tomorrow I will go to the cinema. I will not see him. Will you come here please ? Will you be finished soon? He will have a showerwhen he come back from work.

Volonté / refus



Demande polie Would you come in, please ? When I was a child, I would go every Saturday to the cinema. She would visither aunt every day. Conditionnel If I had a lot of money, I would buy a big house

Habitude passée

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