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English food and ways of eating are different from what we know in France, we have seen it in the previous articles, but the ways of dressing are also different.

Englishpupils all have to wear the uniform, that suit of clothes imposed by schools, which is most of the time black, usually coming with a tie, and the label of the school sewn on the pocket of the jacket.
Theuniform shows students are part of one school, it puts everybody at the same level; no social and wealth differences, and besides, it enables to find strangers to the school at first sight.

AtDurham Johnston School, the uniform was pleasant to the eye : white top, gold black and red tie ( for both girls and boys ) black trousers/skirts and black shoes.

It was quite strange to us, seeingall those students wearing the same clothes, but the uniform erases differences between people, when young people just try to demarcate.
That’s probably why English people try so hard to customizetheir dressings.
If everybody seems to wear the same uniform, when you observe closer, you will see they all add various accessorizes, such as hair bands, multicoloured hairclips...

English peopleactually dare much more than we do, sober and classic French people. Exuberant plastic flowers hooked in the girl’s hair or on their jackets, skirts shorter than ever, tights all designed differently,accessorizes and colours everywhere, floral patterns...

Some might find it vulgar, others would love it, but it’s a fact, English way of dressing is a full-fledge height of fashion.

Now, let’ssee the incontrovertible shops in England:

Of course you have to go to the well known TOP SHOP where anyone can find what they like. The prices are quite affordable, from cheap to expensive.PRIMARK is also a place to go; it’s huge, very cheap, and if you’re not looking for quality, you will find style

H&M is very popular for the English but it’s not so different from what we have in...