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In order to develop the economic and financial climate and help your planning committee to choose a location where you'll can set up a new factory, we decided to present you the evolution of theunemployment rate from 1980 to August 2010 as you can see on this graph. We think that economic data underlines one of the main problems in which a company has to think before to set up a new factory.These informations come from a national institute for statistics and economics studies in Norway.

We decided to present you the unemployment rate under the shape of a bar graph that only show anaverage of each year since 1980 because with the presentation of this economic data under the shape of a line graph, it is more difficult to estimate the unemployment rate of each year.

First ofall, we will describe this bar graph to show you the global trend on this period and the successives fluctuations.

Secondly, we will show that this analyse is really important and must be taken intoaccount before the opening of a factory.

As you can see on this bar graph, the unemployment rate in Norway have fluctuated quite wildly during this three decades between 1,5 % and 7 %.

Thisthree decades can be separates in 7 periods that we present now :
- between 1980 and 1983, the unemployment rate doubled and it was evaluated at 3,3 % of the working population.
- during the next threeyears, it declined until 1,8 %.
- in 1987, the unemployment rate started to rise again and reach the main peak at 7 % in 1993.
- since then it decreased quite considerably until 1999 and settled at2,7%.
- until 2005, it improved more slowly and the peak was less significant than the last in 1987 and it reached 4,6 %.
- the next decrease halved the unemployment rate in Norway 2008.
- since2009, the unemployment rate have risen and it can be evaluate at 3,5 %.

In the european area, Norway is one of the countries where the unemployment rate is the lowest. In reality, there is only a...