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It is said that actions speak louder than words. Well, Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo & Juliet also exists as a movie and it explains better and clearer how the love story between the two young lovers ended tragically. The blame could be put on the enmity between their two families, Romeo & Juliet themselves and the Nurse. First, if their parents did not hate each other, there would noteven be the fight which led to Tybalt’s death and made Romeo exile from Verona. It also made Juliet sad and threaten to commit suicide because she had to marry another man. Her impulsiveness, her strong love for Romeo and the Nurse letting her down led to her own death.
Romeo and Juliet are two young lovers from two rich enemy families who live in Verona City, Montagues and Capulets, which is whytheir love was hard to live. It is obvious that if their two families did not like each other, they could not really consort. The cousins of the family whenever they met somewhere fought until someone was hurt or the police intervened, for example at the beginning of the movie when they fought at a gas station and lit up a fire. It was then predictable from the start of the movie that it wastheir parents’ strife which was responsible for their suicide as known that they were enemies. But it also caused a lot of deaths and injuries on the city because of their numerous strives.
When they realize the mess they have made up, Capulet and Montague finally accept their error and try to repair it all. Montague and Capulet, when they saw the dead bodies of their children and after the Chief ofthe Police informed them about how sad they have turned the city, recognize that it is by their fault and because of their selfishness that their two children died, and they consider it as the “sacrifice of their enmity”. They even agreed on building statues to remember their dear children and promised peace.
Romeo is also guilty of his own death. He assailed and killed a member of the adversaryfamily, Tybalt the cousin of the Montagues, which could have been a pernicious act because he made a transgression to the Chief of the Police’s law about their family strife. The Chief of the Police, when he arrived to the Big Place of the city and found Tybalt dead there, decided to exile Romeo from Verona. He did not sentence him to death because Tybalt had also killed his nephew so he allegedthe sentence. Romeo, himself, even preferred dying to being exiled because he was going to be far away from his beloved Juliet and that life would not mean anything anymore. This was the first time he escaped death because if Mercutio was not The Chief of the Police’s nephew, Romeo would have been sentenced to death.
But the second time, he was the one who killed himself. He managed to doeverything to get to death, because he believed that his beloved Juliet was dead. Balthasar his best friend who went to the church saw Juliet laying dead in a coffin and ran to Mantua to tell Romeo about the tragedy. As he was in exile, he did not receive the letter of Friar John where he was explaining Romeo that he made up a plan with Juliet. In choler and desperately amorous, he reacted impulsively anddecided to go back to Verona. On his way, he went to an apothecary to buy a mortal poison to commit suicide and die next to Juliet. He did not think and acted too rapidly. He could have sent a letter to Friar Lawrence to check if it was true, but he did not even think of it because of the sudden pain he was feeling.
After Romeo’s exile, Capulet, her father, had decided to marry her to Paris, arich young man of Verona City, which led her to make a radical decision. She went to Friar Lawrence to get some advice. She told him that if he could not help her out she would do it herself by committing suicide, threatening him with a gun. She said that at a moment where she mostly needed help from someone because she was going to be married for the second time, and more important, to a man she...
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