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Bob Marley became a myth, a legend, an icon for a lot of generations of young people, it is the one who made a success the exploit to popularize the music reggae and to make it like beyond races andsocial conditions. Bob Marley is the first one, and maybe the only one so far, superstar, native of a Third World country, must to have upset for ever the social and political order, and to changedthe spirit of million people in the world, who like the reggae or not.
It is to Saint Anne, in Jamaica, that Robert Nesta Marley was born, on February 6th(sixth), 1945(nineteen forty five). Her motherwas a young black, and his father, was a white english officer . The life is difficult in Saint Anne, Bob goes to Kingston for work in the music. In Kingston, he meets two persons: Bunny Wailer andPeter Tosh, which are also fascinated by the music ska, who is very liked in jamaïque at the end of the 50s(fiveteenth). In 1961(nineteen sixty one), Bob Marley is 16(sixteen years old), and heregisters songs to live by his music. But his music is not popular. Three years later, group Wailers take out the songs which pass on the jamaïne radio: "Simmer Down" or "Dancing Shoes". After Bob Marley andhisfriends goes to the Rastafarian movement. The reggae become the ideal hymn, and become very popular in the jamaïque. Bob , refusing the racism for the peace and the justice. Wailers is going towork for a moment in England. In 1971(nineteen seventy one), in England, Bob proposes their musics to the English producers. Their first album,"C atch-A-Fire", announces the beginning of a big success,in the unity, the justice, for the poverty and the independence of Africa. The second album, "Burnin", with songs popular "Get Up Stand Up", "I shot the Sheriff" and " No. Woman No Cry " they areinternational tubes. In 1976(nineteen seventy six), Bob Marley is victim of an assassination attempt, He goes out of it alive. It is not the human madness which killed, it is the disease. Bob knows...