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Yes, but only if it’s for a noble cause. Defying the whole universe is no easy task, a person could lose everything dear to him in the process or be terribly injured( either physically orpsychologically, perhaps even both), so unless the situation calls for it, I prefer to live in the shadows. However, that doesn’t mean that I’ll ignore an act of injustice right before my eyes without flinchinga single finger. There are times when one must stand for what he believes in, where the distinction between a hero and a coward shows, and that would be one of those times. Of course I know theconsequences that will follow my defiance against the universe, I’m no fool, but I believe that what’s worth the price is always worth the fight. Besides, a life worth living is a life worth remembering,lowering my head because of fear would be an insult to myself, since I consider that a sign of weakness.

I believe that the message at the end of the book was that too, to fight against evil and tonever give up. Jerry was beaten to a near-death state, told his friend to give up everything and to listen to the Vigils, but did he ever give up himself? The answer would be no. He stood up until thevery end, never willing to bow down, and that deserves much respect.
Being different isn’t easy, but like I stated once before, what’s worth the price is always worth the fight.

Joan of Arc, knownas The Maid of Orlean, was a national heroine during the 14th century. She lead the French army to many battles and even further beyond, to victory. Joan managed to turn the tide of the war betweenFrance and England temporarily, it was mainly due to her unyielding leadership that earned France sovereignty over many cities and stopped the English invasion. Even though her side lost in the end,she largely contributed during the war. She’s the perfect example of what a courageous person is, despite her woman appeal, it didn’t stop her from leading the army to the battlefield. Joan of Arc can...