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Monoï de Tahiti
Authentic Tahitian Coconut Oil

I’m working for the monoi Tahitian company which its based in Tahiti, and I’m going to talk about our product: the Tahitian monoi.1)So first, I’ll preent our product the monoi: and simply answer the question: what’s the monoi? For those who are not very familiar with the product
2)Second, I’ll talk about theplenty advantages that the monoi can offer to you
3) Finally, I’ll end with the image of our prestigious brand.

1) So first of all, the monoi is the mix of too local product whichare coconut tree oil and Tiaré flowers.
2) Now, let’s talk about the plenty advantage of the monoi of Tahiti. What are the main advantages buying such a product. So youcan use it as – a skin care: it moisturize the skin for about 8 hours
_ it protrects the skin against daily agrgressions- it leaves a smooth and softer feeling skin.

* As a hair care (just think about the Tahitian women with their gorgeous hair because they use iteveryday.
* -it adds shine to the hair and makes it easier to comb.

-as a sun care: - it promotes a dark golden tan of the skin
-it protects yourskin against sun and peeling

-as massage oil: - using it on a massage or simply in your bath, that’s a very good way to relax with the gardenia perfume.

3) To finish, I’llsay that everyday we work to improve the image of the Monoi of Tahiti all around the world. –Our product is the first skin care cosmetic product to benefit from an internationaldecree protecting its qualities, with the guarantee of the origin.
-It doesn’t contain any preservatives, petrochemicals: it’s 100% all natural.