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The Moreton Bay Waterways and Catchment Partnership is a body that is working to improve the health and use of our waterways and catchments throughout southeast Queensland.

The Partnership has developed and is implementing the 2001 South East Queensland Regional Water Quality Management Strategy. The Partnership is united by a vision that:

“By 2020, ourwaterways and catchments will be healthy ecosystems supporting the livelihoods and lifestyles of people in southeast Queensland, and will be managed through collaboration between community, government and industry.” (Healthy Waterways: A collaborative approach to improving our waterways: Fact Sheet, Waterways)

Your Task:
You have been employed by the Moreton Bay Waterways and CatchmentPartnership to assess the current water quality status in the Pine River Catchment. Your report will then make recommendations for the future management of recreational fishing and boating in this area.

The Partnership expects your field report to:
1. Define and describe the nature, extent and location of Pine River Catchment area.
2. Describe, assess and analyse the current water quality statusof the catchment (suggest cause and effect).
3. Evaluate the following possible management proposals for the Pine River Catchment:
i. Allowing North Pine Dam to be used for recreational fishing and boating.
ii. Maintain current recreational use of the North Pine Dam, where no fishing and boating are allowed.

Use the decision-making matrix below to evaluateeach proposal against the following three criteria:
• Ability of the proposal to satisfy the recreational needs and drinking water requirements of residents in the Pine Rivers Catchment area.
• Ability of the proposal to maximise the environmental and ecological integrity of the catchment.
• Cost of the proposal for the Moreton Regional Council andthe catchment community.

4. Recommend an appropriate catchment management program and justify your recommendation.
□ Correct field report structure is to be used (see class notes)
□ Complete the decision making matrix, included in the task sheet, to evaluate each of the proposals.
□ Referencing and a bibliography complying with the Harvard Style are essential.
□You have permission to use any of the photos taken by your class teacher as part of your report.

| |Proposal 1 |Proposal 2 |
|. Proposal | ||
| |Allowing North Pine Dam to be used for recreational |Maintain current recreational use of the North Pine |
| |fishing and boating. |Dam, where no fishing and boating are allowed. |
|Criteria | ||
| | |  |
|Social | | |
| || |
|Ability of the proposal to | | |
|satisfy the recreational needs| | |
|and drinking water...