Moving to another place

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Moving to another place
Moving to a new neighborhood is a very enriching experience, whatever the destination may be, very far away or a few miles away from our current home. We will learn a lotand become more open minded while discovering a new environment, meeting new people, making new friends, and doing new activities. Also, we may become more adaptable for any future experience.
If ournew neighborhood is close to our current one, of course we won’t experience as many changes as if we move to a foreign country or to another continent, but it will still bring us a lot of emotionsanyway. We will first discover the area, the stores, the facilities, then meet people around us and try to make some friends among them. We will have to adapt ourselves to this new environment. It maytake a long time. It depends on our adaptability.
If we move far away, in another country, adding to the changes linked to a new neighborhood, we will have to live in a different culture, to meetpeople who have a very different way of living, who speak another language. It will be harder to adapt ourselves if our destination is much farther away. Learning a new culture is not so easy, and it’simportant to stay strong and motivated, even if you feel often discouraged in front of so many cultural shocks ; almost everything is different, and we must be patient and learn little by little howto live in this world. But what a fabulous experiment to learn new ways of eating, speaking, laughing, or dressing. As a foreigner, we have to learn a new language, and this is the first thing to doif we want to meet friends. It is not easy, but we have no other choice if we want to communicate with others. These new friends will be very precious ; they will help us a lot to get integrated moreeasily and not to feel too lonely. They could be a model for us. We will also discover a new landscape and maybe another climate as well. We will have a better vision of the world. Anyway, We have to...