Mumbai night english

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Monday, 18th October.

Mumbai Night.

"Lin, the narrator, has just arrived in India. He strikes up a conversation with two young Canadians."____________________________________________________________




"And get outta the cities as fast as you can," the shortone said.
"I just want to sleep in a real bed tonight, I'm very tired, I have traveled all the week you know.."
"Don't worry, we know a little "bed and breakfast" not so far from the west of thecity, it's nice and clean. But you must always look after your bag and your stuffs because of the kids who can steal all your money and the cops who just want to see you in jail just to steal yourmoney".
"It's the same you know, anyhow they want my money!" I laughed.
"Yes, but if it's the kids you're free, but if it's the cops who have seen that you have a little weed in your cigaretyou're in jail." the taller replied.
"It's true. But if you want we can hide your herb in our bag, with the smell of the coffee nobody can know that there is something inside." His friend proposedwith a gesture to design his dirty bag which was lying on the floor.
"No, no thank's but I don't smoke. I have stopped it long time ago. And I think that your God will be angry if you smoke drug." Isaid.
"No, it's not a crime like to kill someone or to steal something important or expensive." He exclaimed.
"I think that the addiction is the worst disease in this world, worse than a simplerobbery."
"Well, we're not addicted to drug. And I think that when you steal something, like in a house or in a shop or other like a bank. You're not in peace with your own and with the others. Andit's a lack of respect because some people are working to buy these things"
"I think this thought is materialist, in this world there is no equality, no solidarity between the human." I admitted.