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2.The Beatles : a part of english culture.

a.Musical impact.

Their initial style was a highly original, irresistibly catchy synthesis of early American rock and roll and R&B, the Beatles spentthe rest of the 1960s expanding rock's stylistic frontiers, consistently staking out new musical territory on each release.The band's increasingly sophisticated experimentation encompassed a varietyof genres, including folk-rock, country, psychedelia, and baroque pop, without sacrificing the effortless mass appeal of their early work.

The Beatles is the one of the most influencial group inall around the world since sixtee's.Many of their composition became a important musical reference,about many song interpretation in several country.

When you talk about english pop music,The Beatlesappears almost directly as a most english music reference.This group of four boys is a kind of a musical landscape of Great Britain.

b.Different kind of memories.

Liverpool has many stuff aboutthe group who it was born in this city.The tourism is based on The Beatles life.There are lot of tourism activity like museum,house ,John Lennon's statue,beatles festival,the John lennon Airport.In London,the pedestrian passage called Abbey Road is a famous place about Beatles history. Their fan like visiting this place since many years.

All of this showed to us that The Beatles still ahuge reference of english music.We can see this part of english culture is in all continent.For example,Hambourg has a place who is named Beatles-Platz inaugured in 2008.


TheBeatles is the best group pop english ever.“Placed at the prow” of evolution of the youth and the popular culture of the years 1960, their style, their clothing, their speeches, their planetary popularity,their consciences social and political growing with the wire of time, extended l' influence of Beatles well beyond the music, jusqu' with the social and cultural revolutions of their time.