My antonia by willa cather

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1ères AN IMPOSSIBLE MATCH pages 46/47

|Intro | |
|Where |The action takes place in Africa, in particular, in Kenya. |
|When |In theintroduction, we don't know when the action takes place, probably nowadays judging by the photo in the right hand corner showing|
| |a man in modern fashion clothes. |
| |The narrator is Kuki Gallmann, she is also the author,|
|Who |So we can suppose that it is an autobiographic novel. |
| |At the end of the document, the photo and the short biography of Kuki Gallmann indicate that the author is not of African origin. She |
| |is white, and born inItaly. |
| |Julius is the second main protagonist : he must be African, (a Kenyan friend) |
| |We learn that he is a student, probably in his twenties,and has been studying in England.|
|3 |In this passage he is paying a visit to Kuki, so he must be on holiday. |
| |we can suppose that Julius is studying in England and not in a Kenyan university because .. |
| |….he must have been a bright pupil inhis childhood but there weren't proper universities in Kenya, so he had to leave his country in |
| |order to continue his studies, |
| |….perhaps only the best African pupils are allowed to join / register in a university in England , so he probably got ascholarship |
|Why studying in |from the British government |
|England ? |….or Julius's family might be quite well-off, so that they could afford to send him to England for his studies, |
| |….It was possible for him to go to England becauseKenya is a former British colony and is part of the British Empire/Commonwealth. So |
| |Kenya still has cultural and economic links/bonds or exchanges with Great Britain. |
| |What is Julius like ? what kind of young man is he ? || |At the beginning of the document, we have the confirmation that Julius is a brilliant student : |
| |Brilliant because he is studying at the University of Cambridge, which is a prestigious and well-known university offering a scientific|
| |curriculum (cursus), forming and preparing future scientists.Contrary to Oxford University, offering literary courses. |
| |Brilliant because He has passed his exams (he hasn't failed them) although they must have been hard. |
| |the author gives a short physical description of Julius from the narrator's perspective : |