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After the burglary of the city bank my team discovered the clues and the stolen money in an old hotel room which the burglar had left three day before.
After having been examined, all indicated meas culprit .there were my imprits on the handgun and the bottle of wisky. I had no solid alibi : i had walk my dog in the district…
But i was going to be arrested when one of my neighboursasserted the she had been me this evening there . The problem was resolved
Then the laboratory asserted that the writing on the map was one of my colleague. I had finally manage to covince the otherinvestigators to leave us the time to prove that he was innocent and find the real culprit
After many observation , i thought that i had already seen the bag, which contained the dollar bills somewhere…Suddenly, the memory returned to me , the bag was one the old minimarket, on the corner of the street, where my aunt lived.
Some inspectors went with me to see the storekeeper. I told him aboutthe investigation, the clues found, among which the eye-patch , and the wig.
I showed him photos.
He asserted to me that he regulary saw a couple which could be suspects :
-the man wore thefound disguise
-and the woman seemed to be young, she was fair, pregnant and seemed frail and sad.
He promised to call me if they returned. Two days later, he warned me that the woman was there,but without the man, we arrived and arrested her. She admitted everything to us. She had thought that he was his friend, we understood that it was false : he juste wanted a hideout. The poor womanbursted into tears. He had said to her that the disgise was used for not do recognize by people who were angry with him.
We identified the suspect in the afterniim. He was going to take the plane togo out of the country.
My work was ended, the woman would certainly be relaxed, and the man was put in prison
Après le cambriolage de la banque, ma ville équipe a découvert les...