Nature of gothic

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The Nature of the Gothic is a part of The Stone of Venice which has been written by John Ruskin. This text clarifies the Ruskin’s thesis about the division of labourand its consequences. We use the term of « thesis » because Ruskin really built a coherent argmentation. Indeed that extract can be divided into three parts, first heexplains why he took this stand on that issue. Then he outlines his demands, at last, he offers way to solve these problems. But the litterary aspect of this text cannotbe denied. Of course, being a text with a thesis, it has to be comprehensive for everyone, specially for the interested. Morever, Ruskin wants convince people, sothere is also a rethoric part in that text. So we can say that in this extract the narrator writes for the men he talks about, and uses epic to convince



Conclusion, the litterary aspect in this text is an integral part of the argumentative part, a synergybetween them is developped.

In the first paragraph we can see

Though the third paragraph is quite different from the two other,
The second part deals with Another movement in the texte had been found. Actually on a other level,

Thus, we may think that the style serves the content. Be dislocated catchs thereader attention who is going to pay attention to the meaning of a such procedure. Here, the coherence of the text, comes from of the content and not of the style. Soseeming dislocation leads us to understand a other meaning of the text which transcend the whole story. Indeed the Coleman Silk’s lowering is due to his skin coloured.