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Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, a Canadian physical education instructor at Springfield College in Massachusetts (United States). Hewanted to occupy students between the seasons of football and baseball during the winter, during which the practice of outdoor sports was difficult. Naismith also wantedthem to find an activity where physical contact is restricted to avoid the risk of injury.

Basketball is very present in the United States from the onsetShortly after its creation,It gradually expanding outside the United States and Canada and it reached Europe.
In 1932, the International Federation of BasketballAmateur (FIBA) is based
In 1946 was created the National Basketball Association NBA
The goal is to organize the games between the best professional teams

For players over 18 years a tough match four times ten minutes. While NBA players play four times in twelve minutes.
The team with the ball has 24 secondsto shoot and 8 seconds to pass half of field
The return half of its land is prohibited
we can not advance without dribbling
We can not stop his dribble and dribbleagain
After 5 fouls the player is excluded
A match lasting four times ten for players over 18 years

what are the main rules but there are other

JOueursBasketball is played by two teams of five players on the field,
Whether in attack or defense, each player plays a specific position
The five players from each team startsa match are part of the five major

There are :
point guard) : 1
(shooting guard) : 2
(small forward) : 3
(power forward) : 4
(center) : 5