Negociation in russia

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Negotiation in Russia, Different steps :

1. Titles

• Use Gaspodin or Gaspazhah meaning Mr. or Mrs/Miss

2. Appointment : Rules

• Should be patient & persistent 

•Schedule them in advance and avoid the summer 

• Confirme your it several times 

• Be Ponctual & Flexible with time (they will let you wait 1 or 2 Hours…)

• Business Hours from 9 :00am to 5 :00pm. Monday to Friday

• Could be in a restaurant “time for sealing a deal” around 6pm.

3. Dress code

• Pay attention at this point « They meet you depending on how youdress »

• Hate fake products

• Man: Suit + Tie; One for each meeting. Blue, Grey, Brown (Dark colors + white shirt only for special occasion).

• Woman: Long-sleeved blouse + Longshirt below knees ( Head covering if visiting Russian Orthodox church)

4. Conversation

• Speak calm, moderate, and a little bit of Russian

• Do not use eye contact to often

•They are confident if they touch you during a meeting

• You could express yourself about : Changes taking places in Russia + Current events + World War II + Economic difficulties + Differentelements between your own country and Russia + Book + Film + you could speak about your children in order to build a relationship…Be careful

• Elements to avoid : Personal ones + to complimentthem…+ Complains about Russia + Holocaust + The Czar and Monarchy + ethnic minorities + Comparing Russia to developing countries…or Moscow to St Petersburg

5. Let’s make a deal : key points• Handshake. Eye contact during the introduction

• Bring your Business Cards. Great to have it in Russian (Cyrillic Text). Present it by showing the facing part

• Keep in mind thatdelays are inevitable

• Bring all the documents

• Hierarchical decisions: You should convince the Superior ( not a lot of woman). Focus on the key-decision-maker

• Meetings are...