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Nestlé Nespresso SA
A simple idea – continuously reinvented and perfected
The Nespresso story began with a simple, but revolutionary idea: enable anyone to create a perfect cup of espresso coffee – with exquisite crema, tantalizing aroma and full-bodied taste – just like skilled baristas. Nestlé Nespresso S.A. took thisidea and pioneered the concept of portioned premium coffee with the aim to offer the perfect cup of espresso coffee with maximum convenience to consumers around the globe. Today the company has a twin focus that endeavours to continually surpass consumer expectations at home and (B-2-C) and in leisure and work venues (B-2-B). Having perfected the concept over many years, Nespresso is now thereference for premium portioned coffee worldwide, and its success reflects its vision of excellence. At the heart of the concept is the unique Nespresso Trilogy, an unparalleled combination of three pillars of excellence:  perfectly portioned Grand Cru coffees to suit every taste sourced from the world’s top 1% of the world’s green coffee production, specially roasted and offered as a full range ofespresso and lungo blends and single-origin coffees in hermetically-sealed capsules to ensure perfect freshness; a full range of smart and stylish, easy-to-use coffee machines with a patented extraction and brewing system that manages the interplay of all factors necessary to produce consistently highest-quality coffee; and exclusive and personalised customer services, available 24/7 through theNespresso Club.

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Blended together, these pillars deliver Nespresso Ultimate Coffee Experiences, moments of genuine pleasure and pure indulgence designed to continually delight coffee connoisseurs wherever, whenever, and however. In the last 24 years, Nespresso has built a passionate global brand community. It consists of coffee lovers who identify with the iconic Nespresso brand and what itstands for: coffee expertise, highest quality, continuous innovation and distinctive design.

A winning entrepreneurial team and formula of excellence
Established in 1986 and headquartered in Switzerland, the Nestlé Nespresso S.A. company has become an autonomous, globally managed business within the Nestlé Group, the world's foremost nutrition, health and wellness company. This firm backing isallowing it to become an iconic international brand, and today, the company operates through in 50 countries. Key to the company’s success is its unique business model, which incorporates its unique Trilogy, its ability to guarantee highest quality at every stage of its value chain and its direct customer relations around the globe. Over 70 percent of its more than 4’500 employees worldwide are indirect contact with consumers, and over half of new consumers first experience the brand through existing Nespresso Club Members. If Nespresso is now the global leader in portioned premium coffee, it is due to the company’s ability to constantly reinvent itself in its quest for ultimate quality thanks to an unstoppable drive for innovation fuelled by pioneering, team spirit and a passion forperfection. This winning formula has already generated an average annual growth rate of 30% since 2000 and has led

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Nespresso to become Nestlé’s fastest growing ‘billionaire’ brand. Duringthe last two years alone, the Nestlé Nespresso turnover has more than doubled, reaching a milestone of CHF 2 billion in 2008 – two years ahead of initial projections and in 2009 the turnover was CHF 2.77 billion.


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