New york city

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New York City


If I say : Fifth Avenue , the Statue of Liberty , the Empire State Building , the Rockefeller Center , Ellis Island , Brooklyn , The Big Apple, ... you’ll answer : “New York City”, of course. New York has been the most populous city in the United States since 1790.


New York City, the capital of the state of New York, is located on the Atlanticcoast of United States. It’s approximately halfway between Washington D.C. and Boston (MA). The Hudson River flows through the city which comprises three islands: Manhattan , Staten Island and Long Island. There are also some other little islands like Roosevelt Island , Liberty Island , Riker’s Island ( it’s a prison ). The land on which the city has been built is the result of intense humantransformation. The city – including waters – covers some 1215 square kilometres but the land is only 790 square kilometers.
New York is divided in five boroughs : Manhattan , the Bronx , Brooklyn , Staten Island and Queens.

Manhattan is the richest and the most famous borough. It’s also the financial center of the country – the Stock Exchange in Wall Street – and a major making-decisioncenter of international institutions, for instance the United Nations, and of multinational companies. There are also a lot of museums – the Metropolitan Art Museum, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), ..., as well as and university campuses. Harlem is a well-know neighbourhood of Manhattan.

The Bronx used to be the poorest borough but the local authorities decided to make this area more attractive.It’s where the famous hip-hop originated. The majority of the inhabitants of the Bronx are from afro-american or Hispanic origin. The Yankee Stadium is in the Bronx .

Brooklyn is a residential neighbourhood which counts the most numerous population. The most beautiful beaches of New York are in Brooklyn. Its population comes from various origins, Caribbean, Chinese, jewish, Italian, …

Queenshas the largest land area and is both a residential neighbourhood and an industrial borough. Two of the three New York airports – John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) and LaGuardia – are located in Queens. The famous tennis tournament, the US Open take place in Queens .

Staten Island is know for its 25 km² Greenbelt which includes seven parks .


In 1524 , Giovanni da Verrazona , is thefirst European how explores the future New York City. He called it Nouvelle-Angoulême

Around the year 1610 , the Dutch settled in New York , in the southern part of the future Manhattan and created a colony specialized in the fur trade . In 1614 , this territory receives he name of “New-Amsterdam” . This land had been is purchased to its indigenous inhabitants for no more than 24 dollars.After some misunderstanding with the natives, a governor is appointed to restore the order : Peter Stuyvesant . He tried to impose Orthodox religion, some restrictions of alcohol. It didn’t help , the only thing he managed to get is the hatred of the people. The English are slowly going to invade the colony of the Dutch and in 1664 , the English occupies the “ New-Amsterdam” .
The territory isrenamed “New York” after the Duke of York, the brother of the King of England. Colonel Nicolls is appointed as the first governor of New York . With the English, New York became a real city and in 1754 the first university is created : Columbia University.
Little by little, the English hindered the New Yorkers. Indeed, they tried to impose some taxes for example on sugar, books , or tea.
GeorgesWashington decided to involve the city in the war of the independence and just after the all USA .
In 1783 , the United-States are recognized independent by England and New York became the capital city . After the declaration of independence , New York grow up a lot . Between 1790 and 1820 , the population of New York increase 30 000 to 124 000 inhabitants . It became the first city of...