New zealand

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My booklet is on New Zealand. N.Z is a a magnificent country, where many tourists come in search of adventure. It's an idéal destination to pass your holidays in family, in paradisiac landscapes.N. Z is an island country, in the south hemispère, in the South Western Pacific Ocean, at the south of Australia, comprising in two landmasses( the North and the South).New Zealand's climate is called'oceanic temperate', because he is generally mild and benefits from long sun hours. It's different from Brittany

N.z is an old British colony independente since 1947. N.Z is a constitutionalMonarchi with a parliamentary democracy. Elizabeth II is the queen of this monarchy. The majoriti of new zealand's population is of European descent, primarili english, but there are Asians and Maori.Themost commonly spoken language is English because N.Z is an old British colony.

If you are fascinated by sports, come in N.Z because sport has a major rôle in N.Zealand's culture with the unofficialnational sport of rugby (with All Black, know with theirs Haka), beside New Zealand organize the world cup of rugby in september two thousand and eleven. Take advantage of come in N.Z and come toencourage your team. Furthermore, during your holiday you can see many other sports include cricket, surfing

New Zealand, is an ideal destination to discover unique species. Indeed, because of itslong isolation from the rest of the world, N.Z has extraordinary flora on fauna. There are unique birds comme the kiwi( the national icon). In N.Z, you can find a lot of reptil, and many endemic peciesof insect, including (weta). N.Z posses very woody forests, with unique plants, mountains, lagoons, waterfall.

As a result, N.Z ofers a great selection of nature and eco tourism attractions andactivities which include swimming with dolphins and whales, canyoning, kayaking, paragliding, hiking, biking skiing, extremes sports like bungee jumping.

If you are in search of adventure and of...