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3. What is driving the change process at KPMG and what are its goals? How well does the change process succeed.

Situation has changed by the mid-1990’s. The review of thestrategy began in 1992. KPMG wants to review the relation with its clients and improve the quality of the services it is providing . In ealy 1990’s there were no real leader inthe accountancy sector because all the big firms were offering nealy the same services. An effective relationships with the client and a good understanding of his needs woulddistinguish KPMG from the pack. The main issue in this sector is the ability to implement the idea effectively and ensure that the partners were seen as business advisers. Manypeople in KPMG did not see the need of a change and those who did, disagreed on the change process. After several work shops with the partners and briefing seesions for partnersand seniors managers, it appears that KPMG needed to become a more open organisation, involve people at all levels in the dévelopment of the organisation and improve thecommunication.
The first plan was set up on April 1992 and know as « 20:20 vision ». The idea was to develop experts by industry sector.
A trusted and valued Relationship with theclient was the key of success for KPMG. Becoming the leader in the acountancy sector, ahead of its competitors, was the goal of KPMG. Colin Sharwan wanted KPMG to become the bestfirm, with the best clients and attract the best people to work for them.
In 1995 a survez show that the clients
In 1997 the strategy was to make KPMG a global firm to deliverservices to so many existing and poential clients such as in eastern europe. Indeed , at that time, 80% of fee income came from north america, Australia and western europe.