Nicolas hayek

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Nicolas Hayek
Personal life
19th February 1928, he was born in Beyrouth in Lebanon. His mother is Lebanese and his father is American. His father taught at the American University of Lebanon andwas also a dentist. His family was a Lebanese family Greek orthodox that’s why he had a catholic education.
He grown up with the French culture and resorted the Pères Jésuites School.
At the age of 20years old, he got his Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics from the University of Lyon in France. Thought, he did an internship, in 1949, in the sector of the actuarial with the professorJecklin at Zurich in a reinsurance company. During this internship, he met the woman who will become his wife and whose father owned a little company which was a foundry specialized in the manufacture ofpiece for the Swiss train. This company employed 20 employees based in Kallnach. A day, his step father had a cerebral attack, that’s why the family of his wife asked him to manage the company. Atthis moment, he decided to learn the Swiss-German in order to have the Swiss citizenship. During the time that he leaded the foundry, he was brilliant and allowed the foundry to buy its building.
Hewas a consultant and an analyst, which means that he is called by company, Administrations and governments in the aims to save it and make its win money. At the beginning with his company HayekEngineering Inc. he did it in every sector. But after that he specialized his company in the sector of the Swiss watch industry because Japanese leaded the market and put it bankrupt. He had to manage twocompanies, SSIH and ASUAG.
He got two children with his wife: George Nicolas Hayek who is currently the CEO of Swatch group since 2003 and Nayla Hayek who is a member of the board.
He is ranked as the334th richest person of the world by the magazine Forbes even if he lost 4billion dollars in stock exchange because after that he earned 2,5billion dollars.
Nicolas Hayek is a visionary who is...