Nigerian oil conflict

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The nigerian oil: the curse

A quick summary

Oil corporations in the Niger Delta seriously threaten the livelihood of neighboring local communities. Due to the many forms ofoilgenerated environmental pollution evident throughout the region, farming and fishing have become impossible or extremely difficult in oil-affected areas, and even drinking water has become scarce.Malnourishment and disease appear common.

The presence of multinational oil companies has had additional adverse effects on the local economy and society, including loss of property, priceinflation, prostitution, and irresponsible fathering by expatriate oil workers
Organized protest, terrorism and activism by affected communities regularly meet with military repression, sometimes ending inthe loss of life. In some cases military forces have been summoned and assisted by oil companies.

A quick summary (2)

The Nigerian government and the oil companies have responded byharshly cracking down on protestors.
Criticisms abound about the way the oil companies have neglected the surrounding environment and health of the local communities. The Niger Delta is the richest areaof biodiversity in Nigeria, but regular oil spills that are not cleaned up, blatant dumping of industrial waste and promises of development projects which are not followed through, have all added tothe increasing environmental and health problem

Important Milestones in Nigeria concerning the oil industry:

In 1960, agricultural products such as palm oil and cacao beans made up nearlyall Nigeria's exports

1988 Creation of the Federal environmental protection agency

1992 The environmental impact assessments were mandated

1999 The Civil governance began

1984 Oiledcompanies ordered to eliminate flaring ( the government keeps pushing back the deadline)

In 1990, Ken Saro-Wiwa (the charismatic writer), outraged by oil spills in Ogoniland, founded the Movement for...
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