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  • Publié le : 24 mai 2010
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« The American Dream Is Over »

This visual document is a photograph. We can’t say when it was taken, but we can suppose it is arecent photograph and it was taken in the United States of America because it is a current issue. Indeed, this document is about the AmericanDream.
The scene is set in an American street. In the background, on the right hand-side, there are garbage cans and some trees. In theforeground, on the left hand-side, we can see only one person standing in the middle of the road. She is hidden behind a poster or wearing itlike people do in the United States of America. On the poster, we can read “The American Dream Is Over”.
The aim of this poster is to show usthat the American dream is not what we expected. In fact, people leave their poor country to have a better life in America, they think theywill have more money and more chances, if they become Americans, but it is more difficult. There are a lot of immigrants who don’t have ajob, so who are not well paid and homeless even if they have a family. So yes, everybody can come in the USA, but they have to work reallyhard to succeed and have a good life.
I find this document useful, because thanks to this, people are aware about the truth. About the realAmerican dream, which could be a nightmare in the end even if the Medias talk about the fantastic life of many celebrities, or rich people.