Nuclear in belgium

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The Belgium’s nuclear policy.
After the Japan crisis all the world woke up about the nuclear activity. Althoug in Belgium we do not suffer from possible radioactive fallout. At 10.000 km from Japan experts, politicians and everyone who have their say speak about the nuclear activity. In belgium they are 7 reactors : 3 in Tihange en 4 in Doel (nearly anvers). They are also 2 centres of nuclearresearch at Mol and Fleurus. But they are also 3 nuclear central in France nearly the border en 1 in Netherlands as you can see on this map. The nuclear energy provides 55% by the total consummating energy here in Belgium. The belgian reactors are built in the 70’s en will normaly close in 2025 according to the 2003 law that aimed to phase out nuclear power. Despite the age of our nuclear powerplants the security level is good but the situation isn’t so far saved ! The japanese couldn’t predict this accident as here in Belgium but the risk is one of 20.000 to have a major accident in Europe. For Greepeace it’s to much !
The nuclear power emergency in Japan has prompted new safety concerns about Belgium’s nuclear programme and could lead to a major reassessment of its energy policy. Theenvironmental group Greeapeace has intensified its opposition to nuclear power. They say that to prevent a same accident Belgium must move quickly to alternative energy sources. But government officials have started to calm people : they say that Belgium does not sit on a geological fault line and is not a risk of any quake-provoked accident. The Interior Ministry’s crisis is conscious of the risksby an accident and say that’s better to draw up emergency procedures now than to improvise in the event of an accident. That’s why the belgian government (or what’s left) was already planning an information campaing to reassure the public about the true risks of nuclear accidents : people living within a 20 km radius of a nuclear site will receive a brochure and will be able to collect free iodinetablets from the chemist’s. The International Energy Agency advising Belgium not to close its nuclear plants by 2025 as planned. The agency said shutting down the plants would mean higher energy prices for consumers, risks of power cuts.
The European nuclear opperators and authorities agreed earlier this week to submit the nuclear power plants to a « stress-test » by the end of the year tocheck the security level of our central. If the «stress-test» are negative Paul Magnette, Minister of Climate and Energy commit himselve to make the results public and to draw conclusions from the results of these test. It will then shut down a reactor, if the test is unsatisfactory.Il s'agira alors de fermer un réacteur, si le test s'avère insatisfaisant.
* The MR is contradicting it?Aujourd'hui, la Belgique compte 2 centrales nucléaires et 7 réacteurs. Today, Belgium has 2 nuclear reactors and 7. Alors sont-ils sûrs ? So are they safe? Des tests de résistance supplémentaires seront réalisés. Additional stress tests are performed.
Fernand Grifnée, membre du comité de direction d'Electrabel a tenté de rassurer sur la bonne sécurité des centrales et sur leur construction qui répondà des normes sismiques basées sur des études universitaires, " on a été très loin dans la diversification des protections ", at-il avancé. Fernand Grifnée, member of the Executive Committee of Electrabel has tried to reassure the good plant safety and their construction that meets seismic standards-based university, "we were very far in the diversification of protection", he argued.

Les mesuresenvisagées par les autorités belges pour garantir la sécurité nucléaire en Belgique peuvent se révéler insuffisantes en cas d'accident majeur, a estimé le secrétaire général Greenpeace. The measures envisaged by the Belgian authorities to ensure nuclear safety in Belgium may be insufficient in case of major accidents, said the secretary general Greenpeace. " On a des chiffres d'un bureau qui...