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The summary Participation in what?
The exces of government can be resolved with the participation of citizen in the taking decisions.
This problem persists because welive in a society which is based more in the economic theories than the citizen opinions.
An important part of the income of an individual is destinated to state, so a person can’t spend his moneyhow he wants because he must pay taxes, regulations and he must pay his subscription for his retirement whereas they are badly informed on the new plans about the future of occupational pensions.
We can see in our system a restriction of choice with the schools which are imposed to parents and children, the absence of compensation when an owner sees the value of his house deceasingbecause of the construction of new infrastructures and the obligation to pay levy when in the opposite situation, there is also the demand in certain companies of a large number of informationsconcerning the selected employees and the negligence of certain commissions face to qualified employees who have claims but which cannot contact only one Member of the Commission.
Concerning the newstate plan, he provides better terms than the Sate, there are the continuation of occupational pensions, and tax reliefs on the contributions and income tax must continue.
If the exchequer holds themoney of the citizens, the treasury will manage the investments of this money.
For the housing policy the young couples should have their own house.
The participation of citizen in the taking ofdecisions is possible if we arrive to reverse the politic by having a reduction of government intervention.
Diffusing power:
Nowadays we use Tocqueville ideas because we defend interests andclaims facing the government. We have the capacity to spread power thanks to the determination of citizen.
We can thus support or fight against the installation of certain rules, infrastructures or...