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Use the following link to access the video document and do the activities below :

HYPERLINK "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47c6z2mrTEM&feature=fvw" YouTube - Obama addresses school kids- Full Video

1)Listen to the student speaker (the passage after his words of welcome and hisbrief allusion to his own studies) and fill in the blanks (one blank = one word).

As I stand before my pairs today, I want you to know that excellent educational opportunity may be handed to us but as students we must take responsability for our future .We may be tought but we must take ownership. of our learning.

2) What is this student’s function ? He is senior class president..
3) Whoin particular is he trying to encourage ? College Freshmen
4) What is he encouraging them to do ?
Take advantage of all the opportunities that through high school has to offer.

5) Name of school : Wakefield High School City : Arlington State : Virginia

6) Listen to President Obama’s speech and list the people he mentions who are listening to this speech :

7) Mention thecategories of students who are more likely to be nervous on this particular day :

- Kindergarten pupils
- Students starting middle school
- Students starting high school
8) Which category of students feels “pretty good” and why ?
Seniors feel pretty good because this is their last year in high school.
9) Sum up the anecdote B. Obama tells about the time he spent in Indonesia bycompleting the grid :

|His mother’s problem |Hadn't got enough money to send the young barack to American |
| |School |
|His mother’s aim |She wanted him to have the same chances as otherkids |
| | |
|The solution |She decided to teach him extra lessons |
| ||
|The drawback |The extra lessons started very early in the morning (4:30) |
| | |
|BO’s reaction |Barack wasn't too happy|
|His mother’s reaction |Getting pissed |
|What his mother said |''This is no picnic for me either , buster.'' |

10) What theme recurs in BO’s speeches about education ? (one word) Responsability

11) Fill in the following grid :| People who have | Nature of this duty |
|a duty to fulfil | |
| | ||Teachers |Inspiring and pushing students to learn |
| | |
| | |