Oil shock

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Viewpoints Special Edition

The 1979 “Oil Shock:” Legacy, Lessons, and Lasting Reverberations
The Middle East Institute Washington, DC

Middle East Institute

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Cover photos, clockwise from the top left hand corner: United States Government(USG), USG, USG, Wikipedia user Guitar guy, USG, USG, and USG. 2 Middle East Institute Viewpoints: The 1979 “Oil Shock:” Legacy, Lessons, and Lasting Reverberations • www.mei.edu

Viewpoints Special Edition

The 1979 “Oil Shock:” Legacy, Lessons, and Lasting Reverberations

Middle East Institute Viewpoints: The 1979 “Oil Shock:” Legacy, Lessons, and Lasting Reverberations • www.mei.edu

3 Viewpoints: 1979
East Institute is marking the 30th anniversary of these events in 2009 by launching a year-long special series of our acclaimed publication, Viewpoints, which offers perspectives on these events and the influence that they continue to exert on the region today. Each special issue of Viewpoints will combine the diverse commentaries of policymakers and scholars from around theworld with a robust complement of statistics, maps, and bibliographic information in order to encourage and facilitate further research. Each special issue will be available, free of charge, on our website, www.mei. edu.

The year 1979 was among the most tumultuous, and important, in the history of the modern Middle East. The Middle

February Viewpoints: The Iranian Revolution

MarchViewpoints: The Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty

July Viewpoints: Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Fall and Pakistan’s New Direction

August Viewpoints: Oil Shock

November Viewpoints: The Seizure of the Great Mosque

December Viewpoints: The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

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Middle East Institute Viewpoints: The 1979 “Oil Shock:” Legacy,Lessons, and Lasting Reverberations • www.mei.edu

The 1979 “Oil Shock:” Legacy, Lessons, and Lasting Reverberations
A Special Edition of Viewpoints Introduction I. Changing Markets
OPEC’s Adaptation to Market Changes, by Jahangir Amuzegar The Impact of Oil Price Shocks on Oil Demand Growth, by Julian Lee 9 13 7

Oil Price Volatility: Causes and Modeling, by Hossein Askari and Noureddine Krichene18 Energy Security, by Gawdat Bahgat Oil Price Volatility: Speculation or Market Fundamentals, by Salman Saif Ghouri Oil Shocks and the Reshaping of the Oil Industry, by Youssef M. Ibrahim Endless Adjustment: How the Second Oil Shock Hatched Today’s Oil Market, by Mary Ann Tétreault 33 23 26 30

II. Regional Aspects
In 1979 OPEC’s Swing Producer Came Out Swinging, by Andrew Scott Cooper Oil...
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