Oil spill

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  • Publié le : 16 juin 2010
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Since the explosion, April twenty, the oil platform Deepwater Horizon, to seventy kilometer offshore of New Orleans, the United States are confronted with one of the worst oil spills of theirhistory. Everyone is anxious not only in Louisiana, but also in the Mississippi, in Alabama and Florida. The White House declared the state of national disaster. This oil spills mobilizes the American publicopinion but should not call into question drillings offshore oil rigs which the country needs for its supply oil. The group British Petroleum (BP), owner of the platform, try to find solutions withthis disaster, without success.

This explosion made eleven deaths. Oil is spread at intervals from 2 to 3 millions liters per day. According to documents obtained by the New York daily newspaper,the British oil group had deliberately chosen, partly for financial reasons, to use a system of casing which it knew not very reliable.

The oil flood continues to move towards the coast. Accordingto official sources, it is predicted that this tide made up of chemicals and tar could last from two to three months.
The oil spills puts in danger the existence of the marsh right at the period whenbirds, turtles and mammals give birth to their small.

Any activity of fishing was prohibited to prevent that contaminated fish are not captured and eaten. The season of fishing extends from Aprilto October. Financial aids are planned for the fishermen, captains and owners of marinas. But they are deeply anxious for the future.

From Louisiana in Florida, the local authorities encourage thetourists not to take account of the headlines and to come on the coast. The promoters of tourism diffuse on their web site a video on line showing of the clean waves, without oil on beaches withPensacola. The persons in charge of tourism use the social networks on Internet to reassure the potential visitors. They peel each day the reports on the projection of the oil spills.
BP assumes the full...