Oliver twist

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Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens.

Charles John Huffam Dickens was born the 7th February 1812 and he died the 9th June 1870. He was the most popular English novelist of the Victorian era and heremains popular. From part its poverty in his family, the poverty, the childhood and the hunger are the themes of his books. In 1936, he wrote his first book « les esquisses de Boz ». This book met abig success. In 1937, he wrote « Les aventuresde Mr Pickwick ». In 1938, he maried with Catherine Hogarth, with whom he had ten children. He wrote « Oliver Twist » in 1937. This book is one of the mostfamous of Charles Dickens. Oliver Twist takes the themes of the poverty and the childhood.


Oliver Twist is born in a workhouse in 1830s . His mother, whose no one knows hername, was found on the street and died just after Oliver’s birth.  Oliver spends the first nine years of his life in a house for young orphans . He was excluded from this orphanage because he asked for anadditional ration. After , he was taken as apprentice by an undertaker, in a Funeral parlor -he hates this job- but he was ill treated and he decides to espace . He walked a lot and he arrived toLondon. In this city, he met Artful Dodger, a young pickpocket who works for Fagin. This man encourages Oliver to steal the middle-class person in the street. He discovered a cruel world, this of thethieves. A day, while two of his companions stole Mr Brownlow's handkerchief and ran away, Oliver made caught and sent to the judge. But he was very sick, and fainted during the judgment. M.Brownlowdecides to take Oliver with him, and to look after him at him. Oliver recovers very fast, and he starts to likes to be with Mr Brownlow's. One day who M.Brownlow gives him money to buy some bread, theband of Fagin steals him, undresses him and beats him. But Nancy, a girl which Fagin made him met, saves him. Oliver tries to flee, tries it to warn the police. Fagin, then, forces him to participate...