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Omnipaint NV : Job enrichment in the quality control laboratory
Job enrichment definition:
• The attempt to make jobs more rewarding and less monotonous for the individual worker. Procedures usedmay include job enlargement (including more ...
• An increase in the number of tasks that an employee performs and an increase in the control over thosetasks. It is associated with the design of jobs and is an extension of job enlargement.
• the provision of genuine and meaningful humanization of work(as opposed to low-level improvements). Based on the introduction of more varied, autonomous, and complete work tasks.
• JobEnrichment is the addition to a job of tasks that increase the amount of employee control or responsibility. It is a vertical expansion of the job as opposed to the horizontal expansion of a job, which iscalled job enlargement.
• Job enrichment in organizational development, human resources management, and organizational behavior, is the process ofimproving work processes and environments so they are more satisfying for employees. Many jobs are monotonous and unrewarding. ... enrichment
Job enlargement:
• An increasein the number of tasks that an employee performs. It is associated with the design of jobs to reduce employee dissatisfaction.
• Job Enlargement is thehorizontal expansion of a job. It involves the addition of tasks at the same level of skill and responsibility. It is done to keep workers from getting bored. It is different than job
• Job enlargement means increasing the scope of a job through extending the range of its duties and responsibilities. ...