One day at school

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WRITTEN EXAM FILE One Day at School p.68/69
1. a.1; b. 3; c. 4; d. 5; e. 2. (x 1 pt = 5 pts)

2. a. The word “noise” refers to the repetitions. (2 pts)
b. The children don’t have any booksto learn: “The din of several hundred voices chanting the repetitions necessary because of no school books.” (1 pt + 2pts citation = 3pts )
3. • The classes are very large; there are50 pupils. (line 14)
• The pupils have no books and nothing to write on or with, they ask the inspector for exercise books and pencils.
(lines 14-15)
• The school has not had any books or exercisebooks for three years. (lines 19 and 22/23)
• The classrooms are always dirty because of the dust, even if the children sweep them. (lines 33, 35 and 36) (1pt x 4 / element + 2pts expression = 6pts)

4. This story may take place in Africa. Indeed we know that “all the children had been thirsty for weeks, and some were hungry” (lines 3/4), they have no books “The school has not had anybooks or exercise books for three years” (lines 19 & 22/23), there are 50 children per class “fifty exuberant children chorused” (line 14),
there is a lot of dust as in very hot countries “There is somuch dust” (line 33). (1pt probabilité, 1 pt Africa, 2pts, 2 éléments /4 = 4pts)

5. They expect the inspector to give them books, exercise books and pens.
(1pt expect the inspector to….ou they expect books etc .. from the inspector + 2pts pour les 3 éléments (-1 par element non cité) = 3pts)

6. a. “why do they not have” (line 17): the children.
b. “but he was nervous” (line19): Mr Mandizi, the headmaster.
c. “Mr Phiri stared at him” (line 24): Mr Mandizi.
d. “There were shortages there” (line 29): urban schools. (4 pts)

7. a. True: “We send in the requisitionforms, but we have not been sent exercise books or textbooks.” It had been three years…” (lines 18/19)
b. True: “It has been three years since this school received any books or exercise books.” (lines...