Oprah winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey

Hi everyone, thanks for listenning to me. My name is Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey. Today, i’d like to introduce you parts of my life.

I am fifty seven years old and i am fromMississipi. I am an american actress, producer and best known for my talk show which has became the highest rates program. I’ve been ranked the richest african american of the twentieth century. I am also,according to the Time, the most influencial woman in the world.
Anyway, my life hasn’t always been so beautiful.

In fact, i grew with my grand mother, she taught me to read before i was three. Sheused to say i was born to speak and it looks like she wasn’t wrong. I had three other half brother and sisters. One sister who died at fourty three of causes related to cocaine addiction, one brotherwho died of AIDS related cause and my last sister has been adopted but i learned that she was in life only last year.

I’ve been rapped by my cousin, my uncle and a family friend at nine and iwas pregnant at 14 but my son died after his birth.
Anyway, it helps me to become stronger.

I moved in Tenessee to live with a man i call my father. I studied communication at the university ofTenessee and i landed a job in a radio at the same time.

In 1983 i went to Chicago to present a TV Show of thirty minutes. It was the low rated show. A movie critic gives me some advices, so wecalled the show « The oprah winfrey show »  and expanded it to a full hour. It was brodcast nationally three years later. And in fact it became a real success. I interviewed a lot of celebrity as TomCruise, Celine Dion and even Michael Jackson in 1993. It was a rare prime time interview and it’s one of my favorite memory.

I supported Barack Obama from two thousand six to two thousand eight. Byone estimate, my support delivered him over a million votes.

I am also one of the first celibrities who was on twitter so I can say I launched twitter five years ago.

Recently, there were a...