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BTS Communication

Première année

Devoir 4
Ce corrigé contient deux fichiers son. Cliquez sur les pictogrammes pour les écouter.

Parties 1, 2 et 3
Présentation de soi en anglais Good morning. My name is Salim Azam. I’m 21 years old and I was born in Melun in Seine et Marne to the east of Paris. I passed my baccalauréat two years ago and decided toenrol in a two-year BTS course because I felt it was important to have a diploma when you are looking for a job. I feel that a BTS will give me that little something extra to get a good job and do something I really want to do. As I had a health condition that prevented me from attending class, I had to enroll in a two-year distance learning program in Communications and Advertising. In the hopethat I will pass this exam and obtain my degree, I would like to work for the government or a bank. Voir aussi et surtout les remarques du correcteur (devoirs 2 et 4).



Restitution orale en anglais Well, let me please present the documents in the file I was given. The file consists of a memo to the ClubVac personnel and a brochure for the public. ClubVac is of course acompany whose main activity is tourism and holiday camps and the purpose of the memo is to announce to their personnel a new project called It Takes a Community and their impending marketing campaign. The brochure is intended to explain the project and recruit volunteers … All right, can you please describe the documents and the content in a bit more detail? Yes, the memo consists of an announcement ofthe marketing campaign for the project It takes a community. It informs the personnel how it will be organized, the promotion methods used, the length of the campaign, the reasons for the project and some advice and reminders to the staff. The brochure consists of two pages explaining the project, giving information about the dates and places of the work camps, photos and a form for applicants tofill out. Can you describe each part in some detail and sum up the project? Er, well, the memo was issued to ClubVac personnel on the 8 of March 2010. It informs them that the marketing campaign communicating the new project to the public will start the following week and will hinge on a message that can be read in the attached brochure. The staff is also informed of the different media used topromote the campaign: online, in the written press, and brochures and flyers that will be distributed in various places. A much shorter ad will appear on television. It is also mentioned that members of the staff who distribute flyers will be paid overtime. The memo concludes by highlighting the purpose of the project and campaign which is to promote a worthy cause, improve the company’s reputationand make it more profitable. On the first page of the brochure, there is a picture and information. The photo shows people collectively building a house or raising a barn. The title is It Takes a Community, which is the name of the project and ClubVac’s socially responsible investment, and underneath the title is the appeal to volunteers of all ages and backgrounds and the dates of the work camps.The full message on either side of the photo gives detailed information: The project aims at renovating abandoned farms and villages near rivers and lakes in depressed mountain areas all along the eastern coast in order to rebuild community spirit and boost the economy. Some of the villages will be turned into holiday camps; others will resume a normal activity. ClubVac has already invested inmachinery and, with the support of locals, has built suitable accommodation in each area for the recruits who are there to help continue the construction. It also mentions the conditions: free room and board in exchange for working 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. During the weekends, recruits can rest and participate in various recreational activities. There is a minimum of one week but no upper...