Oral diving into waters of the moon

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Hi, im Mathilda. Years ago, i saw a doctor because my throat was hurting me. i was about 5 years old and i don't want a stranger to touche or even to look at my mouth. After a few tries, the doctorand my parents were very frustrated because of my bad behaviour. He was trying to see something but i was always fitting back ; so he hurts me. I was bleeding and it traumatized me. This day completelychange my life. Now, i am afraid of all the dentist ad i have a really big phobia about everything who touch my mouth. I'm afraid to feel the pain again.(toi) -->Hello everyone, I’m Jewel. Many yearsago I lost my son. Well… I didn’t lost him, he just moved to the United states. He decided to go there to study in the Massachusetts Institute of technology. HE was a smart boy. On that day Iembraced him and call him buddy as usual but I didn’t know that he wouldn’t come back. ‘till then I feel like I’m responsible , I feel that I lost my little boy. I want him back at leats I just want to talkto him but now I don’t know were he is , I have no news from him and every single day I think about him… I’m depressed. I can’t think about anything else… I need help.
i(audrey)Im here because i amdefinitly not happy by all this. Everytime someone is near, i stress because i don't want him or her to come close to touching my mouth! With this behaviour, i don't have many friends... When i brushmy teeth, i do it really carefully and slowly. I don't drink my water to cold, i never put ice, i don't drink hot beverage like hot chocolate or coffee because i don't want to feel a bad sensation inmy mouth.I can show you how much it is hell for me by explaining you an anectode. Last year, the dentist called me for my annual appointment. I ignored his call. He live a message on my voice mail toremind me to call him because it's been a while. One week later, i haven't call the dentist, i tought that maybe they would forget me! But no... The secretary called to told me that this appointment...