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  • Publié le : 12 décembre 2010
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Nowadays, breasts are seen as sexual objects. They become a complex for women, size and shape became a very important criteria. A woman with small breasts can feel less feminine orless attractive to men. Unfortunately, these women miss the first use of them, which is feeding their babies. In 2010, breastfeeding is more and more popular but some remain sceptical about itsusefulness. As part of this oral, Carol-anne will outline the benefits of breastfeeding and Jessica will talk about disadvantages.

First, breastfeeding creates an emotional connection between mother andchild. When it comes time to breastfeed, this allows the mother to sit with her baby and have an intimate moment with him, no matter the moment of the day. There is a visual and a very active skin toskin contact that are not necessarily present when giving the bottle. The mother is also developing a sense of competence in feeding her own child, without having to use formula, she feels she is able tosatisfy her child by herself. In a poll in which 36 000 women were surveyed, 33% of breastfeeding women who think that those who do not breastfeed are selfish and cowardly. Second, breastfeeding is atime saver. Commercial preparations take time when it comes to feed a child. Whatever the brand, you always have to prepare bottles in advance, either by adding milk or water. Then you have to heatit without using the microwave, so it may take several minutes while during breastfeeding, if the child shows signs of hunger, there is no preparation. Just put the baby at breast and feednaturally. Finally, breastfeeding helps to save money for two reasons. The mother does not have to buy formula and there is evidence that breastfeeding reduces the risk of diseases in children. Receiving theantibodies from her mother by her milk, the baby becomes immunized against several diseases. This means less visits to the hospital, so less days of missed work and also to buy fewer drugs.