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I did my training course in Auchan. This is a hypermarket and it is situated in Le Pontet. This supermarket attracts lots of costumers. Well, I chose this firmbecause I like work in because you can make a lot of activities.
In this firm, I was responsible to one department which is Baby cloth-nursery nursing. A typical day startedat 9 am, I cleaned the department and actualized prices. More later, I helped consumers or others shop assistants and I sold products. Around 12 pm, I take my lunch time during 1hour. Afternoon, I go back to work at 3 pm and I recommended clients to buy the products of compartiment. Sometimes, I reorganized department . At 3 pm, I stopped to work and Igo back home.
I was responsible and self sufficient.
Advantages: I learn the teamwork.
I learn the shop assistant’s profession.
I learn to beresponsible
I learn to become self sufficient
I’m able now to organize my work’s time.
I learn to know myself when I can’t do one thing.
I meet someproblems to be responsible when I started.
I made every day the same activities and it becoms annoying in the long run.
My responsible isn’t very present to explain to me when Ididn’t understand.
I think this training course was a good experience because I know after I don’t want to work in this sort of firm.
I think, I prefer to work withchildren, I like relation ship with children and I prefer to work in this sector of activities. But this diploma is good for me, because I sale a little on the net, I sale clothes andthis formation give me bases of business like choose my price, to negotiate with suppliers. I’m able of organize my only sales and managing the marges to kick away good profits.