Oscar wilde

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First of all, we can see Oscar Wilde sitting on a sofa covered with carpets. The carpets create the background of the photograph. In thebackground, the carpets are blurred, it gives the impression of being in a forest in contact with nature. Then, Oscar Wilde is preciselysitting on a hide. This shows the close relationship between nature, animals and himself.
On the other hand, in this photograph Oscar Wildehas a piercing gaze. The photograph focuses on him he is the centre of the photograph. He looks peaceful, comfortable and confident. In hisright hand he is holding a book. This book may allude to his profession, his passion.
However, this raises the question of who wrote thisbook? Him? An author he likes a lot? His uncle, Maturin? A friend like André Gide? Despite the fact that he is staring, with his headresting on his hand, one gets the impression that he is in his thoughts. It is only present physically on the photograph, his mind iselsewhere.
On the other hand, his clothes note a standard of living which is quite high. This may allude to his success in writing. His dress isvery neat and it is relevant to his era (19th century).
Finally, at his feet the soil is not flat, yet it is covered by a carpet. Thisgives the impression that something is hidden, as if he had secrets. These secrets may be his homosexuality which will cost him prison.