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Outrigger Case |
Individual HW1 : Report + appendices |

Table of contents

Strategic initiatives1
Appendix #1 : Outrigger IS components2
Appendix #2 : Critical factors success3
Appendix #3 : Challenges faced by the company 3
Appendix #4 : Strategic impact grid for Outrigger Company4
Appendix #5 : Mobile apps market6
Appendix #6 : Travel market by channel7
Sources8Information system strategic initiatives
Outrigger hotel resort is a family business in Hawaii and many other countries in Oceania. The company was created in 1963 by Roy C. Kelley. The company has got different services such as hotels, condominiums, and vacation properties. As Outrigger grown fast, the organization has to adapt with new market players and changing environment using strategic methodssuch as information system implementation. After studying IS of the company in appendix, here are some recommendations about strategic initiatives.
First, I would recommend to the company to invest in a data base provider in order to tackle their lack of monitoring in customer loyalty. This data base would offer the possibility to the company to follow an accurate guest’s history. Companies whichhave chosen to integrate a software client relationship management saw the improvements.
Indeed, the use of a CRM to manage its client portfolio or its customer database encourages productivity and efficiency. After few researches on the internet and user-reviews, I think Oracle a well-known solution for companies would be suitable for Outrigger’s data base problems.
Second, a formal strategicinformation system planning: the technical and general managers of the organization have to work collaboratively without decentralization or outsourcing. In my opinion, it is time for the company to host its proper website and manage it from the main office. The internet market is constantly in evolution and decision making about the website, nowadays main tools of holidays booking (see appendix#6 p.7) has to stay in Hawaii to be fast and accurate.
Then I recommend awareness from information system managers to better train staff people on the various tools of information system (management, human resources, budgeting software etc.) As it is written in the text trainings are sat-up mainly “on-the-job” which create difficulties for people who have been hired from outside the firm andnot used to the company’s software.
The last recommendation that I would made is the implementation of an intranet to facilitate communication between Outrigger and its distributors. As we can see on the appendix #3 competition is increasing and Outrigger has to find a way to differentiate itself from its competitors such as Hilton Hotels and resorts, Sheraton etc. This intranet would offer thepossibility to react just on time and offer second to second availabilities to wholesalers.
I wanted to propose the development of a booking mobile app. system because nowadays it is a strategy in line with current trends and new forms of shopping (see appendix #5 p.6) but as it is important for the company to keep money and do not surf on the technology curve I would wait the mobile market to bemature.
In conclusion, it is sure that IS and IT are part of the company and they contributed to the success of the company. Now, more than ever, it has to continue to expand globally using all tools they have implemented to keep their competitive and comparative advantages.
Appendix #1: Outrigger IS components
There are four information system components even for Outrigger Company. Beloware all the details of each component.
* Centralization
* Hierarchy
* Team work

* Centralization
* Hierarchy
* Team work

* Stellex
* JD Edward system for accounting
* E.piphany for analysis and forecasting.
* Computers / fax / tel
* Internet

* Stellex
* JD Edward system for accounting
* E.piphany for analysis and...