Packaging and environment reduce the contamination

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Marion Launay BA (Hons) International Business Management Walter Fraser Packaging and environment: reduce the contamination APRIL 2009 City Campus



STUDENT N° 08023423 Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the BA (HONS) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Of Northumbria University


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Marion Launay BA (Hons)International Business Management Walter Fraser Packaging an environment: reduce the contamination




The environment became a collective concern and an important parameter in the strategy packaging of companies and its sustainable development. The waste management and the recycling represent today anincontrovertible step in the life cycle of packaging. Today, new tendencies appear and the consumer is more and more aware to the environment. Companies should to adapt her strategy to answer to the new expectations. The eco-design answers to this expectations and allows companies to be in order with the authorities. The first part of this report introduces the notion of packaging, the use, thefunction, its lifecycle. This report also examines this concept of eco-design, and the different solutions set up by the companies to have a strategy in relation with the sustainable development. The study highlights the mean of communication setting up by the authorities and the companies. This research comprised of a questionnaire and an interview, allows having two points of views. In first, with thequestionnaire where the behaviour in relation with the environment of the consumer is analyse. In second, with the interview where the eco-conception and a sustainable development strategy are underline. Findings conclude that the environment is a common problem, and all the actors are concerned by the environmental issues.



Firstly I would like to thank my tutor WalterFraser for his advice, help, and guidance throughout my project, and also my Mr Kazan, the director of the IUT of Aix en Provence who authorised me to spend this year at Northumbria University. Thank you also to Sebastien Voisin to give me the opportunity to leave this experience in Newcastle. Without its help, nothing would have been possible. I would like thank my family, my father and my...