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hello my name is ... i am a 1.. years old ... student
who is located in meaux
in my school pupils are aged 14 to let me think 20
classes in my school are mixed with boys and girls
i don'tknow how many pupils are in the school
i am a first scienific student there is i think 4 classes of first scientific so in total there are over one hundred and fourty five students in these classes.i live near my school so i can woke up late if i want but some of student lives very far so they have to woke up earlier coz they hav to catch their buses if they
miss it they dont have any othertil one hour
our first period start at 8:10am each days we have different subjects every one or two hour in differents places around the school and regretably we have to carry our
all day copybooks and books in our bags which is very tiring and heavy.
we have a ten minutes break every two hours which is for me very important because i cannot sit for a long time and you'll think that i amnot serious but istart to fall asleep.
we finish our first period at 12:10 am and then we have a lunch break i wait for this moment the whole morning becoz i am always hungry .some students eat intheir house and
most eats in the canteen.
we all have an electronic card to eat
in that card i have one semester money so when i am in the canteen i just have to hand over the card and pass it in amachine
after lunch we start again at 1:20pm until 5:30pm which is the end of our tiring school day.
sunday we are free saturday and wednesday we have half day school and other day its from 8.15amto 5.30pm .
after the second periods some students stay for an extra class with a teacher who can help them
in case of difficulty in any subject
we have in one week different subjects like frenchhistory math physics chmistry spanish or german english sport science practical classes of physics chemistry and science and
two hours of supervised practical class
we have a library in the...