Paul krugman

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Paul Robin Krugman (pronounced /ˈkruːɡmən/;[3] born February 28, 1953) is an American economist, professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, Centenary Professor at the London School of Economics, and an op-ed columnist for The New York Times.[4][5] In 2008, Krugman won the Nobel Memorial Prize inEconomics for his contributions to New Trade Theory and New Economic Geography.

According to the Nobel Prize Committee, the prize was given for Krugman's work explaining the patterns of international trade and the geographic concentration of wealth, by examining the impact of economies of scale and of consumer preferences for diverse goods and services.[6] Krugman is known in academia for his workon international economics (including trade theory, economic geography, and international finance),[7][8] liquidity traps and currency crises. According to the IDEAS/RePEc rankings, he is the fourteenth most widely cited economist in the world today.[9]

As of 2008, Krugman has written 20 books and has published over 200 scholarly articles in professional journals and edited volumes.[10] He hasalso written more than 750 columns dealing with current economic and political issues for The New York Times. Krugman's International Economics: Theory and Policy, co-authored with Maurice Obstfeld, is a standard college textbook on international economics. He also writes on political and economic topics for the general public, as well as on topics ranging from income distribution to internationaleconomics. Krugman considers himself a liberal, calling one of his books and his The New York Times blog "The Conscience of a Liberal".[11]

Personal life

Krugman is the son of David and Anita Krugman and the grandson of Jewish immigrants from Brest-Litovsk.[12] He was born in Albany, NY, and grew up in Nassau County, New York.[13] He graduated from John F. Kennedy HighSchool in Bellmore.[14] He is married to Robin Wells, his second wife, a yoga instructor and academic economist who has collaborated on textbooks with Krugman.[15][16][17] Krugman reports that he is a distant relative of conservative journalist David Frum.[18]

According to Krugman, his interest in economics began with Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels, in which the social scientists of the future use "psychohistory" toattempt to save civilization. Since "psychohistory" in Asimov's sense of the word does not exist, Krugman turned to economics, which he considered the next best thing.

Academic career

Krugman earned his B.A. in economics from Yale University in 1974 and his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1977. While at MIT he was part of a small group of MIT students sent to workfor the Central Bank of Portugal for three months in summer 1976, in the chaotic aftermath of the Carnation Revolution.[21] From 1982 to 1983, he spent a year working at theReagan White House as a staff member of the Council of Economic Advisers. He taught at Yale University, MIT, UC Berkeley, the London School of Economics, and Stanford University before joiningPrinceton University in 2000 asprofessor of economics and international affairs. He is also currently a centenary professor at the London School of Economics, and a member of the Group of Thirtyinternational economic body. He has been a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research since 1979.[22] Most recently, Dr. Krugman was President of the Eastern Economic Association.

Paul Krugman has written extensivelyon international economics, including international trade, economic geography, and international finance. The Research Papers in Economics project ranked him as the 14th most influential economist in the world as of March 2011 based on his academic contributions.[9] Krugman's International Economics: Theory and Policy, co-authored with Maurice Obstfeld, is a standard college textbook on...