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Brand Manegment
Individual Assignment: Paul Smith

Table of Contents

Question 1. 2

I. Brand Onion 2
1. Brand Identity 2
1.1 Vision3

1.2 Values 4

2. Brand Image 5

2.1 Personality5

2.2 Positioning 6

II. Brand Extension 9

Question 2.11

Bibliography 15

Paul Smith is a fashion luxury brand created in 1976. He started with a “tiny shop” in Nottingham and now it’s an international brand with several shops in thirty fivecountries.
Since the inception he has kept the same style of “British tradition and tailored look but with a keen eye on contemporay influences” (Stella bruzzi. 2005).
On a first time we are going to undertake an analys of Paul Smith brand through approriate models and on a second time with the primilary analys we will give suggestions about the brand futur.

Question 1

To define the PaulSmith brand strategy we can use the CIM (Charted Institute of Marketing) Brand Onion. The Brand Onion presents two differents aspects of the brand. The first which is internal, the brand identity and the second which is external, the brand image.

I. Brand Onion


1. Brand Identity

The brand identity “is a unique set of brand associations” it “should help establish a relationshipbetween the brand and the customer” (Aaker. 1996, p.68).
According to Kapferer (2003), the brand identity can be represented by the “brand identity Prism".

The prism contradicts the brand onion model. Indeed, in the brand onion, the brand identity is internal and has an impact on the externality (Nicholas Ind. 2004) whereas with the prism it is both internal (personality, culture, self image) andexternal (physique, relationship, reflection).
Moreover the prism model gives a well description of the brand identity but it misses notions of vision and value.

1.1 Vision

According to de Chernatony (2006, p.101) « from Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation », a brand vision contain three components: the desired future environment, the purpose for the brand and the brand’s values.

As regardof the brand onion, the vision and the values are two distinguish things, whereas for de Chernatony the value is a part of the vision. Those three elements are “interlinked and self-supporting” (de Chernatony. 2006, p.102). However, if we keep the vision definition of the brand onion which is “a snap shot of the future”, it’s preferable to split values and vision.
Indeed, values are intangiblewhereas visions are what we expect for the future.

A. The future environment

The envisioned future is “the futur environment they would like to bring” (de Chernatony. 2006, p.106). Paul Smith expects a future environment in which emergent country where they have opened shops like Russia or India (Capital. 26/01/2009) will be well developed.

B. The Purpose

The purpose can’t be only...
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