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I’m going to introduce myself in this letter. The thought of staying with you in a new county is extremely exciting.
I love sports, especially tennis but I also like badminton, rollerblading,skateboarding, bike riding, basketball and football. Swimming is also something that I like a lot. I like going on the computer or playing video games and I love music. I’m always listening to something.My friends see me as sociable, outgoing, and as a sporty person who likes having fun, but also serious. They find me interesting, curious, flexible, ambitious and say I always do all that is possibleto reach my goals. My family also tells me that I’m outgoing and sporty, determined and dynamic.
My parents say that I’m good at making contact with new people and that I always go as far as possiblefor the things I like.
I love having fun with my friends, but we also work together and talk about everything, like the news or personal problems and choices. We can talk about almost anything seeingas we’re very close. My best friends are in the same school as me. We also hang out at weekends or during the holidays, I have loads of fun with them outside school even if it’s not too often becauseof my tight schedule and my homework. People from my tennis club are also good friends. I really like my family, my mother and I are very close, even if one of us sometimes gets annoyed, between usthings are usually very calm.
At home, I sometimes help around the house, I’m the eldest, so I play quite an important role for decisions (my opinion often counts).
But work comes first and I makesure I’ve finished before doing anything else.
I’m part of the “Youth Town Council” and I’m also in a parish group that helps old people. I used to be a scout and I learnt a lot, but I had to give itup because of the time factor.
I feel good at school. I get on well with most of the other pupils and seeing as my marks are quite good, it’s a lot easier to work and I feel a lot more motivated in...